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== Actions ==
== Actions ==
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   <td><code>~</code> (tilde)</td>
   <td>swap case under the cursor</td>
   <td>swap case under the cursor</td>
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   <td>backward search last searched pattern</td>
   <td>backward search last searched pattern</td>

Latest revision as of 21:22, April 7, 2015

  • The description given in the "description" column is rather short, often it is best to try it your self and see what it actually does.
  • Even if not specified in the "command" column, most commands fired in normal mode accept a "<num> prefix" (Eg. `5w` is equivalent to `wwwww`).
  • Most commands will work in visual mode as well as in normal mode.


command meaning description
w word move to next word
W Word move to the next word (broad sens)
b begin move to the previous word beginning
B Begin move to the previous word beginning (broad sense)
e end move to the next word end
E End move to the next word end (broad sense)
{ move to the previous blank line
} move to the next blank line
f<char> fetch move to the next occurrence of the character <char>
F<char> Fetch move to the previous occurrence of the character <char>
$ move to the end of the line
^ move to the first non-whitespace character of the line
zz center the viewport on the currently
<num>gg goto move to line number <num> (default is 1 if <num> is omitted)
G move to the last line
C-o Go to the previous cursor position

Switch to insert mode

command meaning description
i insert insert before the cursor
I Insert insert at the beginning of the line (= ^i)
a append insert after the cursor/td>
A Append insert at the end of the line (= $a)
o insert on a new blank line after the current line
O insert on a new blank line before the current line
s substitute remove the current character and instert instead (= xi)
S Substitute remove the current line and insert instead (= ddi
R Replace insert and override on the fly


command meaning description
<num>dd delete delete <num> lines
<num>yy yank copy <num> lines to vim's default buffer
x remove the character under the cursor
<num>p paste paste <num> times vim's default buffer after the cursor
<num>P Paste paste <num> times vim's default buffer before the cursor
~ (tilde) swap case under the cursor
. repeat previous action (kind of "live macro", try it yourself and see)
/<pattern><CR> search next occurrence of <pattern>
?<pattern><CR> search previous occurrence of <pattern>
* look for the next occurrence of the word under the cursor
n forward search last searched pattern
N backward search last searched pattern