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(Git-daemon configuration)
(Pull from remote)
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Add the following to <code>/etc/cron.daily/funtoo-sync.sh</code>:
Add the following to <code>/etc/cron.daily/funtoo-sync.sh</code>:
###i## nano /etc/cron.daily/funtoo-sync.sh  
cd /home/git-mirrors/portage.git
cd /home/git-mirrors/portage.git
su nobody -s &quot;/bin/sh&quot; -c &quot;git fetch --all&quot;
su nobody -s "/bin/sh" -c "git fetch --all"
== Cloning from local git-daemon ==
== Cloning from local git-daemon ==

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Setting up local git mirror

This tutorial explains how to save bandwidth when several local computers need to pull updates from a single remote git repository.

Use case

This tutorial will be about hosting a local mirror of funtoo git based portage tree.

Following terms should be adapted

Terms Definition
git.lan The git-daemon local mirror host
localhost Any local host
nobody Owner user of .git files
/home/git-mirrors Base path of git-daemon

Local mirror

Git-daemon configuration

Prepare directories and clone portage-mini from github::

root # mkdir /home/git-mirrors
root # chown nobody /home/git-mirrors
root # su -s /bin/sh nobody
user $ cd /home/git-mirrors
user $ git clone --mirror --bare git://github.com/funtoo/ports-2012.git portage.git

Configure git-daemon in /etc/conf.d/git-daemon:


Start the daemon:

root # /etc/init.d/git-daemon start
root # rc-update add git-daemon default

Pull from remote

Add the following to /etc/cron.daily/funtoo-sync.sh:


Cloning from local git-daemon

Local clone from git.lan:

root # mv /usr/portage /usr/portage.old
root # git clone git://git.lan/portage.git /usr/portage
root # cd /usr/portage
root # git checkout funtoo.org