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  • The goal of release signing is to ensure a user that what they downloaded is the same thing tha ...algorithms as well such as MD5 or SHA1. That’s the guidance that Apache’s release management gives.
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  • ...deployed and maintained JIRA and Bitbucket Server, and developed automated release tooling. Managed production back-end git releases. Reviewed technical hires release coordination. Architected new community infrastructure based on Semantic Me
    8 KB (1,072 words) - 15:22, December 6, 2019
  • ...-metatools autogenerated binary packages, that dynamically pull the latest release from the associated package's GitHub Releases ...nd greatest Prometheus and Grafana software in Funtoo Linux in addition to engineering new telemetry software for Funtoo Linux.
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  • ...ment Blog at [] for all of my latest technical engineering deep dives into Funtoo Development}} The expansive and world changing engineering efforts of the Linux Kernel as the largest globally developed software proj
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