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Cdn77 logo.png

CDN77 sponsors Funtoo Linux by providing CDN services to the Funtoo Linux user community, accelerating downloads of stage3 tarballs as well as all Funtoo distfiles on our fastpull mirror.

With 32 points-of-presence worldwide, support for the latest technologies like TLS 1.3, Brotli, HTTP/2 Server Push, and Let’s Encrypt, and a world-wide network that hits peak speeds of 2 terabits/sec daily, CDN77 is an excellent option when you need to accelerate delivery of your content to a world-wide audience. Their service is also incredibly easy to set up -- we were up and running in minutes, with no complicated setup. We just pointed their CDN network to our master mirror, and we were in business -- fast downloads across the globe! Please be sure to take advantage of their 14-day free trial. Their service speaks for itself every time you download a stage3 or funtoo distfile.