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<nowiki>#</nowiki> '''emerge -av app-portage/eix'''
<nowiki>#</nowiki> '''emerge -av app-portage/eix'''
To see avail kernels, I do this command
To see avail kernels, I do this command<br/>
<nowiki>#</nowiki> "'''eix -# sys-kernel/'''"<br/>
<nowiki>#</nowiki> "'''eix -# sys-kernel/'''"<br/>
for a brief listing<br/>
for a brief listing<br/>

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config-extract need update, doesn't work with recent debian-kernels. binary flag not working as there is no default .config generated by config-extract. http://kernel.alioth.debian.org/config/ providing kernel configs used in debian releases


I am using my laptop for development and all desktop stuff. (LXDE with compiz - looks great, works fine, consumes few power)

When I switch on my machine I see my funtoo grub theme. This is followed by my funtoo boottime splash. This is also schown when suspending, hibernating and waking up and shutdown. This works great with tuxonice-sources and splashutils.

Each time "funtoo" starts, I feel save and home. This is my machine, it looks good and works even better.

Maybe somebody else wants his/her machine to fit exactly his/her requirements. Then You may want to have a look at tuxonice-sources.

--Danielv (talk) 18:22, June 27, 2015 (UTC)
FIrst see http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_First_Steps
# emerge -av app-portage/eix

To see avail kernels, I do this command
# "eix -# sys-kernel/"
for a brief listing

# eix -c sys-kernel/'
for more detail

Let's say you want to look at sys-kernel/genkernel
# eix sys-kernel/genkernel/'