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Revision as of 09:56, September 22, 2014 by Pytony (talk | contribs)

Why must dbus and consolekit be added to default runlevel ? Is there a more official source than "it prevented someone from logging in"? According to Help:Funtoo_Editing_Guidelines, "Adding work-arounds to problems experienced No - open bug first on bug tracker.". -- Pytony (talk) "GDM is the primary consumer of ConsoleKit" its not a work around. <--- has dbus dependencies. look at the wordpress ebuild, it has work arounds from initial pulling from gentoo. its a good thing you messaged this i was going to post further work arounds because its ebuild has been broken, shipping with broken configs preventing installing. that sections news to me on the guidelines. Threesixes (talk) 04:36, 22 September 2014 (UTC)
Then why does gdm have a consolekit use flag? :P -- Pytony (talk)
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