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The .iso files will not install on to a USB Stick. When extracting there appears to be a name not compatible with FAT32 sticks, resulting in error -1009 'can not extract'.

I'll check .iso USB creation Oleg.

This is under re-write progress and will use only genkernel based installs as it officially shipped by Funtoo. All alternative ways are very much supported and appreciated but should be in their corresponding pages to make guides modular. Keeping 3-4 alternatives in one guide often leads to uncertain results. Oleg.

Cross-referenced ZFS Fun with this guide and vice versa. -- 404

2015-05-12 gkn: So, I have spent some days of nightmares ;-) trying to install funtoo on zfs. I was so keen that I documented the basic steps. It may be still improved, as I am not for 100% sure of the order and some minor configuration issues ...