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確保你不會把任何重要資料複寫掉而且選擇了正確的 {{c|/dev/sd?}} 裝置,在上面的範例中,你可以看到 {{c|sda}} 包含三個分割區 {{c|sda1}}, {{c|sda2}} 和 {{c|sda3}}而且{{c|sda3}}包含LVM分割.
確保你不會把任何重要資料複寫掉而且選擇了正確的 {{c|/dev/sd?}} 裝置,在上面的範例中,你可以看到 {{c|sda}} 包含三個分割區 {{c|sda1}}, {{c|sda2}} 和 {{c|sda3}}而且{{c|sda3}}包含LVM分割。

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Make sure you will not be overwriting any important data and that you have chosen the correct {{c|/dev/sd?}} device. Above, you can see that SATA disk {{c|sda}} contains three partitions, {{c|sda1}}, {{c|sda2}} and {{c|sda3}}, and that {{c|sda3}} contains LVM volumes. If you are using an NVME disk, then you may see {{c|nvme0n1}} as your disk, and your partitions (if any exist yet) will be named {{c|nvme0n1p1}}, {{c|nvme0n1p2}}, etc. If you are installing on microSD Card for Raspberry Pi, your disk will likely be {{c|mmcblk0}} and partitions will have suffixes {{c|p1}}, {{c|p2}}, etc.

確保你不會把任何重要資料複寫掉而且選擇了正確的 /dev/sd? 裝置,在上面的範例中,你可以看到 sda 包含三個分割區 sda1, sda2sda3而且sda3包含LVM分割。