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* www-client/chromium
* www-client/chromium
* www-client/firefox
* www-client/firefox
* dev-utils/android-tools

== Available BinPkgs ==
== Available BinPkgs ==

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Raspberry Pi 4 arm64 BinPkgs

If a never ending quest to make Raspiberry Pi arm64 a grade A supported platform on Funtoo Linux, this page tracks the engineering efforts and tracking around building, publishing, requesting, and managing binary packages for Raspberry Pi platforms, currently Raspberry Pi 4.

Requested BinPkgs

Below is a list of community requested raspi4 arm64 binpkgs for Funtoo next.


If you want a binary package for the Funtoo raspi4 sub architecture please list its full CatPkg name below

  • www-client/chromium
  • www-client/firefox
  • dev-utils/android-tools

Available BinPkgs

All raspi4 arm64 binary packages are currently published at:

Using BinPkgs

To leverage these Funtoo optimized raspi4 arm64 binary packages simply add this to your raspi4's /etc/make.conf:

   /etc/make.conf - raspi4 binpkg make.conf file
FEATURES="buildpkg userfetch getbinpkg"
EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--quiet-build=y --binpkg-respect-use=n"

Please see the How to setup a binary package server guide for more detailed information about Portage binary package server and clients.