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Example sunflower image
A little thank you...
for adding content to the wiki.
hugs, Threesixes (talk)

wait wait a second <--- can u make bigger changes, like adding content, and try avoid spamming this plz. i hate it when i screw up, and notice it immediately after a commit because of this. im just making sure you're aware that you're massively spamming logs. Threesixes (talk) 23:47, 22 September 2014 (UTC)

I am sorry if I have caused you any inconvenience. However, I am adding all Templates on the wiki to a Category:Template. Because of this, I have to add to each Template -- hence the spamming of the log. Is it okay with you if I finish up (I will then be done spamming, I promise.)?

Best, Duncan

Duncan, it is not really that helpful to add Templates to a Template category. They are all in their own namespace and it is easy to find them using this link:

I did not know about this namespaces tool. Should I remove all of the templates from that category that I created?

Yeah, probably. In MediaWiki, generally any "Foo:" (with colon) prefix means it's in a separate namespace. This means it's easy to find all pages in a namespace using the All Pages link. Also note that you did this wrong. If you look at all the pages in Category:Templates, you'll notice that all the packages are in there. If you want to add a template to a category, but not the page that it's used on, then you need to put the category tag inside a section. That section will only apply to the template itself.

Moreover, this causes any page using a template to be in the template category as [[Category:Template]] is included in the source code of the page. By the way, I wonder if this is a good behavior. Indeed, you can't link to a category without including the page in this category. I just figured out one can use [[:Category:Template]] for that purpose -- Pytony (talk)