64-bit AMD Processors

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This CPU family includes 64-bit PC-compatible processors manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).
_pageName Description
Amd64-bulldozer The amd64-bulldozer subarch supports the AMD bulldozer microarchitecture CPUs, which were released from late 2011 through the first quarter of 2012 as a replacement for K10 microarchitecture CPUs.
Amd64-excavator The amd64-excavator subarch supports the AMD excavator microarchitecture, produced from 2015. It is the successor to the AMD Steamroller microarchitecture and will be the last revision of the 'bulldozer' family of processors, and is succeeded by [[Amd64-zen|AMD Ryzen processors]]. These processors also include the Bristol Ridge/Carizzo and Stoney Ridge APUs such as the AMD Athlon FX 9830P that include excavator cores along with integrated graphics cores.
Amd64-jaguar AMD jaguar microarchitecture debuted in mid-2013 and is targeted at low-power devices, including notebooks, tablets and small form-factor desktops and servers. It is perhaps most well-known for being the microarchitecture used for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One,
Amd64-k10 The amd64-k10 subarch provides support for the AMD Family 10h processors, which were released in late 2007 as a successor to the AMD K8 series processors.
Amd64-piledriver The amd64-piledriver subarch supports the AMD Piledriver microarchitecture produced by AMD from mid-2012 through 2015, which is the successor to the AMD bulldozer microarchitecture.
Amd64-steamroller The amd64-steamroller subarch supports the AMD steamroller microarchitecture, produced from early 2014. It is the successor to the AMD Piledriver microarchitecture.
Amd64-zen The amd64-zen subarch is optimized for AMD Ryzen and EPYC processors.
Amd64-zen2 The amd64-zen2 subarch is optimized for AMD Ryzen and EPYC processors series 3000 and above.
Amd64-zen3 The amd64-zen3 subarch is optimized for AMD Ryzen and ThreadRipper 5-Series processors, as well as 3rd generation EPYC processors. See [[Wikipedia:Zen 3|Zen 3 on Wikipedia]] for more information.