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This page lists processor instruction sets that can be enabled on Funtoo Linux systems using the CPU_FLAGS_* variables.


This section lists CPU flags, also known as instruction sets, supported by Gentoo and Funtoo Linux. One notable omission in this list is the x86-64 instruction set, which was developed by AMD and launched in 2003 with the first Opteron processor. All Funtoo Linux x86-64bit builds use this instruction set as a foundation. They may also use additional instructions as determined by CFLAGS and CPU_FLAGS_X86 settings that are defined in the subarch profile.


Highlighted rows indicate instruction sets that were not fully adopted by the other vendor, such as AMD instruction sets not adopted by Intel.

FlagIntroducedByPart ofAdopted inNameLinks
mmx1997 (Pentium MMX)IntelAMD K6MMXWikipedia
3dnow1998 (AMD K6-2)AMD3DNow!Wikipedia
mmxext1999IntelsseIntel Pentium III (as part of SSE) and AthlonAMD MMX ExtensionsWikipedia
3dnowext1999 (AMD Athlon)AMD3DNow! ExtensionsWikipedia
sse1999 (Pentium III)AMDAthlon XPStreaming SIMD Extensions (SSE)Wikipedia
sse22001 (Pentium 4)IntelAMD Athlon 64/OpteronStreaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2)Wikipedia
sse32004 (Pentium 4 Prescott)IntelAMD Athlon 64 (some steppings)Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3/PNI) Wikipedia
ssse32006 (Core 2 Woodcrest)IntelAMD Bobcat/BulldozerSupplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3)Wikipedia
sse4_12007 (Core Penryn)IntelAMD BulldozerSupplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1Wikipedia
sse4alate 2007 (Barcelona/Phenom)AMDSupplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 4aWikipedia
sse4_2late 2008 (Nehalem/Core i7)IntelAMD BulldozerSupplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2Wikipedia
popcnt2007AMDIntel NehalemPOPCNTWikipedia
lzcnt2007AMDIntel HaswellLZCNT Wikipedia
aes2008IntelAMD BulldozerAES instruction setWikipedia
xop2011 (Bulldozer)AMDXOP Instruction setWikipedia
avx2011 (Sandy Bridge)IntelAMD BulldozerAdvanced Vector ExtensionsWikipedia
fma42011 (Bulldozer)AMD4-operand fused multiply-add (a × b + c)Wikipedia
fma32012 (Piledriver)AMDIntel Haswell3-operand fused multiply-add (a × b + c)Wikipedia