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This page lists all FLOPs, also known as Funtoo Linux Optimization Proposals. FLOPs are proposals created by our community that describe ways that Funtoo Linux can be improved. You are welcome to submit a FLOP on the wiki for any initiative you have that you think may improve Funtoo Linux. Use FLOPs for things that aren't bugs or small fixes, but for larger initiatives that will make Funtoo Linux better.

How To Add a FLOP

To create a new FLOP, enter the name of your FLOP in the field below and click "Create or Edit". You will then be prompted to fill out a form for the FLOP, and enter wikitext on the bottom. When saved, your FLOP will have the prefix "FLOP:" to clearly designate it as a FLOP, so it's not necessary to include phrases like "Funtoo Linux" or "Proposal" in your FLOP name.


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