Draft Funtoo Install on RPI/Stage3 Install

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Install the Stage 3 Tarball

Download the current Funtoo stage3 build appropriate for your Raspberry Pi device. Check the Subarches page, to see every architecture with a stage3 compiled for it. Here we download the version for the Raspberry Pi version 3, Funtoo realease 1.3.

We need to save the archive to $STAGE3_ARCHIVE and unpack it to $SYSROOT.

root # export $STAGE_URL=https://build.funtoo.org/1.3-release-std/arm-32bit/raspi3/stage3-latest.tar.xz
root # export STAGE3_ARCHIVE=/tmp/stage3-latest.tar.xz
root # mv -n $SYSROOT $SYSROOT.old
root # mkdir -p $SYSROOT
root # wget ${STAGE_URL} -O ${STAGE3_ARCHIVE}
root # tar xpfv ${STAGE3_ARCHIVE} -C ${SYSROOT}

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