FAQ: Why is the project named "Funtoo"?

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Well, I originally created the Gentoo Linux distribution. The "Gentoo" name was originally suggested by Bob Mutch. I am not sure if it was his original idea or if he simply relayed the idea to me from an IRC conversation he was part of. But the "Gentoo" name seemed to resonate with people. At the time, we were looking for a replacement name for "Enoch Linux", which was the existing name of the distro.

As for Funtoo, well, Funtoo is sort of a play of words on Gentoo. I started Funtoo a few years after retiring from Gentoo, and I wanted a fun environment to work. Thus, Funtoo. I think "Funtoo" has grown to reflect the human side of technology -- we are people, using technology for various tasks. We want the technology to be useful but also be enjoyable to use. And we want our communities to be an enjoyable place to be a part of.