Funtoo Evolved Bootstrap Phase 2 Activity

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   Activity Info
Parent ProjectFuntoo:Evolved Bootstrap
Start Date01 March 2022
End DateNone
Activity KindDevelopment


With the launch activity complete, we now can fchroot into our cross environment. The next step is to document on one wiki page how to build up a Funtoo-like environment from within this initial fchroot, without using Portage. But the final thing installed should be Portage.

The first step in moving ahead with Phase 2 is to get the temporary cross-build environment suitable for compiling and installing things within the fchroot filesystem. This includes a variety of minor "tweaks" that are required to get configure scripts to run properly:

root # cd /path/to/404beast
root # install -d etc bin lib tmp
root # ln -s /tools/lib/ lib/
root # fchroot . /tools/bin/bash

Funtoo fchroot 0.2 ("Darth Elmo"); Copyright 2020-2022 Funtoo Solutions, Inc.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

>>> Entering arm-64bit (cortex-a53 CPU) fchroot...

This should now allow for basic configure scripts to run and produce executables.

List of CatPkgs


Community Contribution Welcome! -- This page needs a list of catpkgs we are building for a prototype stage3 within the fchroot. This should be a minimal set of catpkgs for containerization, so we can exclude debian-sources, filesystem tools, and advanced networking tools like firewall to get started.

This section should contain a list of catpkgs to include in our build within the fchroot. Please see Funtoo talk:Evolved Bootstrap/Activities/Phase 2 for a full list of stage3 packages which is being used to create this more streamlined list:

Core packages:

  • app-arch/bzip2
  • app-arch/cpio
  • app-arch/gzip
  • app-arch/tar
  • app-arch/libarchive
  • app-arch/unzip
  • app-arch/xz-utils
  • app-arch/zstd
  • app-misc/pax-utils
  • app-misc/ca-certificates
  • app-shells/bash

Gentoo-specific packages:

  • app-admin/eselect
  • app-eselect/eselect-lib-bin-symlink
  • app-eselect/eselect-pinentry
  • app-eselect/eselect-python
  • app-eselect/eselect-rust
  • app-eselect/eselect-vi
  • app-misc/editor-wrapper
  • app-portage/elt-patches
  • app-portage/gentoolkit
  • app-portage/portage-utils

Funtoo-specific packages:

  • app-admin/ego