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This is the Funtoo Media project, which manages the contents of media-kit as well as all media-related mix-ins.

Welcome to the Funtoo Media-Kit project! This project is focused on the maintenance of media-kit, and the various types of media support in Funtoo, plus the media-related multi-profiles.


The goal of the Funtoo Media project is to provide essential functionality related to media support in Funtoo Linux, to curate/maintain the media packages, and keep the media-related profile mix-ins up-to-date and configured optimally.

What's Supported

The dynamic table, below, defines what we consider part of media-kit, and also includes guidance on frameworks that we may not fully support yet. For new media-related ebuilds, there is a possibility we will want to have them be part of flora rather than Funtoo's media-kit, depending on their applicability and relation to what Funtoo supports. See "Current Work", below.

Current Work

Work has begun on 'beard trimming' excess packages in media-kit in next-release. The goal here is to limit the scope of media-kit somewhat, so it is a curated collection of packages of importance to Funtoo, rather than a bucket for anything in the universe that is related to media. Next-release has its own packages.yaml file which has been significantly pruned, as well as organized. At the top of the file, there are some packages identified that are mis-categorized and should be moved out of media-kit.

Packages that do not relate to the core mission of media-kit will likely be moved to a relaunched flora (see FL-9393) -- or possibly a more focused new project (3dkit? vfxkit? with their own kits) and maintained by the user community. The packages remaining within media-kit will be more actively maintained and autogenned. This will allow us to:

  • Organize the 'important stuff' in media-kit.
  • Have other special-purpose media kits for the 'cool stuff.'
  • Leverage flora for the miscellaneous media stuff that is not as widely used or for which there is not an active media sub-project.

How To Get Involved

Our efforts are focused on media-kit in next-release. Here are some things that we are totally open to in the form of PRs:

  1. Help us move the 'miscategorized' packages (labelled in the YAML as miscategorized: in packages.yaml to the correct kits.
  2. Help us autogen various media libraries in next-release. These packages are generally fairly "autogen-friendly", as they tend to be somewhat mature and have a clear scope of functionality and set of dependencies. The lower-level libraries tend to have few or no real dependencies.
  3. Help us keep packages.yaml organized into various categories of packages so we can easily track the various things in media-kit.
  4. Improve support of not-quite-supported or not-well-supported frameworks, such as PipeWire, by starting a sub-project for this. Talk to leads about this if you are interested.

For any of these tasks, first open a bug on the bug tracker to indicate what you're going to be working on. Once it's moved to "Ready to Fix" state, a PR can be submitted.