Metatools 1.0.2

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Metatools 1.0.2 is a regular release which was released on 21 February 2022.

Major Changes

With the addition of the Store class, which is a file-backed hashing store, metatools 1.0.2 no longer requires mongodb to be installed or running in order to function. Note that there is still a dependency on pymongo, which is used for its BSON encode/decode functionality. The Store() class is leveraged for storage of distfiles (blos), cached get_page() requests (fetch_cache), and to map URLs to specific distfiles for each release (integrity). The new stores will be created in ~/repo_tmp/stores and will result in distfiles being re-downloaded via the spider to populate the blos Store, as the previous MongoDB-based Store will not be leveraged. You can clean up your old distfile store by running rm -rf ~/repo_tmp/fastpull.

Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

Error Output Improvements
Various code paths were cleaned up to ensure that failed autogens are mentioned at the end of a doit run, and that actionable error messages appear in the colorized output for fetch errors.