Funtoo Linux First Steps/Creating a User Account

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It's a good idea to create a normal user account that you can use for general Linux tasks. Before rebooting, create a user account for everyday use. Adjust the groups in the example below to match your needs. Some of them may not exist yet on your system. Replace "<user_name>" with the name you're going to use for your everyday user. The "-m" option instructs useradd to create a home directory for your user. See man useradd for more info.

root # useradd -m -G audio,video,cdrom,wheel,users <user_name>

Don't forget to set a password for your new user:

root # passwd <user_name>

Check Package:Sudo to enable sudo.

Standard Funtoo Linux groups are listed below:

Funtoo Groups

Users in the wheel group have the ability to use the su command to supply the root password and become root. Utilities such as sudo also often use this group.
This group is used by the [[Package:NVIDIA Linux Display Drivers|proprietary NVIDIA drivers to grant user access to the underlying graphics hardware.
Users in this group are granted access to "pluggable devices". Used by bluez bluetooth stack to allow access to bluetooth devices.