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This page is intended to the the official page for tracking all things GNOME.


Funtoo portage tree offers two meta-packages for the GNOME Desktop. Also, for a clean installation we need to enable gnome mix-in.


If you installing gnome from a basic stage3, please, enable the desktop profile before gnome mix-in

root #  epro flavor desktop
root #  epro mix-ins +gnome

After setting up mix-in it is necessary to rebuild packages, to ensure all USE flags are respected. This is required for a correct installation of build and runtime dependencies prior to GNOME desktop installation.

root #  emerge -auvDN @world

And after completion, installation is easy as following command:

root #  emerge gnome-base/gnome

Alternatively, for a lighter selections of applications:

root #  emerge gnome-base/gnome-light