Gentoo Prefix On Mac OS X

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There is a way to install Gentoo so that it runs within Mac OS X. This install method is called "Gentoo Prefix".

There is a handy script you can use to install Gentoo Prefix on any Mac OS X machine.


For Gentoo Prefix installation to work, you must have the Xcode command-line tools installed, so that a compiler toolchain exists. Here are the steps to install the Xcode command-line tools:

  1. Install Xcode itself from the Apple Mac OS X install media. If you are using Mac OS Lion, then the Apple App Store has Xcode available. Search for "Xcode" and you will be able to download and install it.
  2. Now, start Xcode.
  3. Go to the Xcode menu, then Preferences, then the Downloads tab.
  4. Click "Install" next to "Command Line Tools".
  5. You will need to log in with your Apple Developer ID for the download to continue.

Here's how you do it. As root (sudo su -), type:

The EPREFIX variable controls the install location. The default is ~/gentoo.

user $ wget && chmod u+x ./ && env MAKEOPTS=-j5 ./


Now, let's work on Funtoo Prefix :)