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For more complex pages, consider using subpages (see MediaWiki's Help:Subpages for more info) to organize content. On the Funtoo Wiki, subpages are enabled in all namespaces. To create a subpage of a page, navigate to MyPage/NewSubpage and click Create.

A subpage-based approach for content is really an excellent approach for dealing with a page that covers a lot of topics. This is really the best option available for creating "chapters" related to a particular master topic in MediaWiki. Here are some potential uses for subpages:

  1. For a page about software, include introductory material and basic installation instructions on the main page, and cover various aspects of the software, with each topic on its own subpage. (Example: Metro)
  2. For a larger work, have some introductory text on the main page, and then have chapters organized as subpages. (Example: Funtoo Editing Guidelines)

Linking to Subpages

I strongly recommend using the subpages template at the top of all parent pages. This template will list all subpages you specify in an easy-to-notice list of links at the top of the page. This makes this information easier to find. The subpages template can be used like this:

   subpage template example

{{Subpages|Basics,Images,Headings,Inline Code,Tables,Page Tools,Tips and Warnings,Source Code,Text Files,ConsoleOutput,Packages,Kernel,Translations,User Pages}}

As you can see, all subpages should be specified in a comma-delimited list as the first argument. The subpages template can be seen in action on the Metro page as well as the main Funtoo Editing Guidelines page.

Marking Pages as Needing Updates

If you find outdated wiki content, but you don't have the time or ability to update it, add one of the following templates to the wikitext of the page. This will add the page to the Needs Updates Category so we can identify pages that need updating:


These templates needs to be looked at and potentially updated. We are not actively using these but we should be.

Examples of usage: