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GNOME 3.14 Unleashed


This news item is not current. You can find updated information on this topic at Unfork Tree is Live!.

GNOME 3.14 is now unmasked and stabilized. Enjoy!

By Dantrell / November 4, 2014

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While GNOME 3.14 is not a huge leap forward in comparison to 3.12, it comes with a lot of changes under the hood such as:

  • a new animation when opening the Activities Overview
  • new transition animations for windows
  • new search providers for Clocks and Calculator (you can find times for cities and perform calculations)
  • system-wide multitouch gestures (for touchscreen devices only)
  • improvements to GTK
  • improved support for Wi-Fi hotspot
  • enhanced geolocation framework
  • network-based sharing
  • support for Wayland (for systemd systems only)

My patchset was also applied which (in part):

  • reintegrates Power Management Utilities (pm-utils) Support
  • restores Adwaita backgrounds from GNOME 3.10
  • reintegrates background transparency for GNOME Terminal

You can find the instructions for upgrading (and for cleaning out some unnecessary files if you were testing) at GNOME First Steps.