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Perl Update

Perl Update and Kernel Update.

By Oleg / October 22, 2016
  • Various updates to perl ebuilds now available.
  • debian-sources update to 4.7.8 available.

Perl shard updated due to necessity if fixing some perl related bugs and improvements. On current builds this also brings a bunch of perl module updates as well as perl-5.24 update. During update you will see portage making automatic rebuilds of certain packages, however, as we all used to do perl updates, it is necessary to run following:

root # emerge --auND @world
root # perl-cleaner --all

Kernel update of debian-sources to version 4.7.8 available. This also brings a security fix to CVE-2016-5195[1] Update steps would be:

root # emerge --auND @world
root # boot-update