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Funtoo Linux is growing and we are seeking the right people to expand our team!

This job position describes the responsibilities of Staff for Funtoo Linux, which defines the "starting point" for official involvement with Funtoo, as well as the core expectations for all official unpaid and paid Funtoo positions.

We are looking for someone who shares our passion for developing software in the open. The right person has not only solid technical skills and passion, but most importantly an attitude that aligns with collaborative software development.

About Funtoo

At Funtoo, we believe that:

  • Funtoo’s Wolf Pack Philosophy defines how we work and our values for collaboration.
  • We grow and build understanding as a team. No one is expected to have all the answers. We work better together when we eagerly communicate not only our successes, but our challenges as well, so that we can help one another solve problems. We grow in knowledge and understanding together, by sharing our experiences in real time.
  • Anything that moves Funtoo forward is exciting work. We love organizing things, fixing things, and building processes that are streamlined. We enjoy creating lovely gardens for others to enjoy. Our best work is always in the future.

Role Specifics

As a member of our Staff, you will help us to support the day-to-day operation of Funtoo Linux. This can include development, community relations, as well as helping to test and ensure that things are working well for users. The big shift when becoming Staff is that you are a co-owner of Funtoo, not just an observer, or even a participant, and thus you "own" things and take it upon yourself to make things better, support people, and ensure that Funtoo is the best possible distro for its users.


We have specific expectations for all Funtoo Staff:

  • You will uphold and model the Wolf Pack Philosophy to the best of your abilities.
  • You will "own" problems in your sphere of work and resolve and improve issues to the best of your ability, requesting help and escalating to more senior Staff when appropriate.
  • You will consistently be available for a minimum of three (3) hours every week, ideally eight (8) hours a week, to perform tasks specific to improving Funtoo Linux.
  • The leadership team at Funtoo must be able to direct your work. While we are sensitive to what you are passionate about, the word "Staff" means that you are available to support the needs of the project. That is the key conceptual shift when you become a member of our team. You will be supporting the project in meeting its goals as defined by the BDFL and Funtoo leadership.
  • You will follow our processes and procedures, and help to support others to do the same.


We appreciate Staff and your work helps Funtoo, but this role is also a privilege not a right. As Staff, you will need to demonstrate continued and consistent alignment with the expectations listed above in order for any Staff role to be maintained for an extended period. We need an active, available team to keep Funtoo moving forward at a fast pace.

Those who demonstrate the ability to consistently and positively serve as Staff are eligible for more senior roles in the Funtoo project.

To Apply

Does this role sound like something that would be fulfilling for you? If so, please send your resume/CV to Please include a thoughtful cover letter – we intentionally don’t have hard technical requirements for this role because we believe that attitude is the key asset and various technical backgrounds can potentially adapt well to this position. This means that you should explain how your experience, skills and personality are suited for this role, what you can tackle on day one, and what areas you would like to grow into. Make sure to review the Wolf Pack Philosophy.