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Área31 Hackerspace

Funtoo-Friendly Organization

Area31 is a Hackerspace founded on 04/29/2013 in the city of Belo Horizonte-MG. In addition, Area31 is a private organization that provides knowledge sharing through its own infrastructure, so technology enthusiasts can carry out projects in a variety of areas, such as cybernetics, telecommunication, electronics, software, robotics, security - or whatever else. creativity allow. It can also be seen as a social club or an atheist freemasonry. Area 31 is a space created and maintained by the founding members, and also through spontaneous donations by some members. New members are accepted upon nomination of a hackerspace member. Area31 has secret searches, and only a few are made public by the obvious. Only "DNA hackers" are accepted since it is impossible to train an ordinary human being to become a hacker. Any company, group or organization that sells the false idea of ​​"hacking", whether through courses, trainings or even attending events or other hackerspaces, is frowned upon by members of the Hackerspace Area.

Visit the Área31 Hackerspace Web site.

Funtoo-Related Services

Services using Funtoo servers, and ARM devices running Funtoo, like a raspberry pi, cubieboard, cubietruck, etc.

Other Services

Wiki, Telegram Group, talks and events.


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Belo Horizonte-MG / South America - Brazil