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Brownrice Internet

Funtoo-Friendly Organization

We're a hosting, streaming, and data center company staffed by friendly programmers, systems administrators, and support technicians who truly like to help. Tired of being a number in the huge data center customer churn? Try Brownrice Internet - we're small and proud of it.

Visit the Brownrice Internet Web site.

Funtoo-Related Services

We provide data center services for Funtoo servers and Funtoo clients: Colocation and Dedicated Cloud servers.

Other Services

Full-service data center offerings; colocation, dedicated servers, VPS, racks, and security services.

About Brownrice

The Brownrice Data Center is a multi-tenant facility that features tier-1 peering with Level3, CenturyLink, and Mammoth networks over our "fiber-cut-proof" network.

Our data center is PCI Compliant (biometric security systems + video surveillance) and utilizes extremely modern and energy efficient ambient air cooling systems which are backed up by redundant power and traditional HVAC cooling systems. Best of all, our data center consistently performs faster and more reliably than the volume-based providers. No more waiting an hour for the data center guy to find and reboot your server. We designed and built this data center from the ground up. It's small, packs a serious punch, and we're proud of it.


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