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BIND is a DNS server.


root # emerge net-dns/bind

Local Caching Only Server

root # echo "dns_servers="" >> /etc/conf.d/net
   /etc/bind/named.conf - ensure local listening
listen-on-v6 { ::1; };
	listen-on {; };
   /etc/bind/named.conf - remove /* comments */ disabling this block, optionally add your upstream DNS servers
forward first;
	forwarders {
	//;	// Your ISP NS
	//;	// Your ISP NS
	//;		// Level3 Public DNS
	//;		// Level3 Public DNS;		// Google Open DNS;		// Google Open DNS
   /etc/resolv.conf - set the local system to listen to BIND
root # rc-update add named default
root # rc

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