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Summary: Standard GNU file utilities (chmod, cp, dd, dir, ls...), text utilities (sort, tr, head, wc..), and shell utilities (whoami, who,...)



Latest Innovations

This news item documents the latest innovations now available under Funtoo Linux.
2017-09-07 by Drobbins
2017-08-25 by Oleg

Kits Are Go (And Ego Needs a Manual Bump)

An update on kits and how to manually update to ego-1.1.3-r3 (required steps for some)
2017-08-17 by Drobbins



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The core utils package provides many essential linux binaries:

Binary nameBinary function
/bin/basenameRemove leading directory components from a given directory listing.
/bin/catUsed to concatenate files and print them to stdout.
/bin/chgrpUsed to change group ownership
/bin/chownChange file ownership and group membership
/bin/lnCreate hard and symbolic links between different files.
/bin/lsList files and directories on the filesystem
/bin/mkdirCreate a new, empty directory
/bin/mvMove a file to a different location on the filesystem.
/bin/pwdOutput the Present Working Directory.
/bin/rmRemove a file, directory, etc. from the filesystem.
/bin/rmdirRemove a directory from the filesystem.
/bin/touchCreate an empty file on the filesystem.