Fchroot 0.3.0

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Fchroot 0.3.0 (codename "Emperor Schmoo") is a major release which was released on 21 April 2022.

Bug Fixes

Have fchroot return the return code of the chroot command or executed command rather than always returning a zero exit code.
A bug in the mount/umount logic has been fixed.

New Functionality

Easier Install
In Funtoo Linux, default package.use settings have been enabled to allow fchroot to be seamlessly emerged.
--cpu Option
This new option allows you to override the default QEMU CPU type for the detected architecture.
Custom prompt
fchroot will now set a custom yellow prompt inside the chroot to let you know you're inside.
--verbose Option
New option to explicitly print out wrapper compile commands as well as mount/umount commands.
Improved Environment Handling
By default, fchroot will now switch into the chroot with a clean environment, only preserving the TERM environment variable. This behavior can be overridden with the --preserve-env option if desired.
Improved Output
Basic output of the program (program name, version) as well as colorization have been cleaned up further.


Previous versions of fchroot would compile a QEMU-wrapper and store the source code and binaries in /usr/share/fchroot. This is no longer done. Instead, the wrapper source code and binary are always dynamically generated and stored inside /usr/local/bin within the chroot. This was done to avoid hard-coding a QEMU CPU type that may later be changed via the command-line.


A significant cleanup of the git repository was completed, which included reorganizing a lot of code, adding a make.sh script, some automation of the versioning/codename update in various parts of the code and docs (FL-9690).