Fchroot 1.0.0

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Fchroot 1.0.0 (codename "Valley of the Moles") is a major release which was released on 11 June 2022.


The 1.0.0 release of fchroot marks a milestone in the evolution of our tiny but mighty tool!


While using the same underlying logic, the fchroot codebase has been cleaned up, leveraging OOP to provide better organization and encapsulation of functionality.

New Features

  • More robust detection of fchroot architectures.
  • Chroot from x86-64bit to x86-32bit now is supported, with automatic use of linux32.
  • Support for powerpc-32bit added. (beta)
  • Change default CPU for arm-64bit to cortex-a72.

Bug Fixes

  • Prefer using /bin/bash to enter fchroot, and automatically set a custom prompt.
  • Ensure environment is properly initialized so that explicitly specify "/bin/bash --login" is no longer required.
  • Use special mole powers to properly set a custom fchroot prompt even when we ensure that bash provides a login environment.
  • Magic number handling fixes to more reliably detect foreign fchroot architecture.
  • No longer use hard-coded magic number binfmt mask.