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IBus m17n


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The ibus-m17n language provides a wide variety of input methods. Here is an extensive list of all of the languages it covers:

Languages under ibus-m17n
Uzbek Urdu Ukrainian Uighur Tibetan Thai Telugu Tamil Swedish Slovak
Sinhala Sindhi Siksika Serbian Sanskrit Russian Pushto Persian Panjabi Oriya
Ojibwa Nepali Naskapi Marathi Malayalam Maithili Lao Central Khmer Kazakh Kashmiri
Kannada Japanese Inuktitut Hungarian Hindi Hebrew Gujarati Ancient Greek Modern Greek Georgian
French Esperanto Dhivehi Danish Czech Croatian Cree Chinese Burmese Belarusian
Amharic Arabic Armenian Assamese Bangla Vietnamese Yi, Sichuan Yiddish

Because of this it is preferred for installing for languages that are not available by default in IBus, XKB or don't have a separate plugin that provides better functionality.


To install it run:

root # emerge ibus-m17n

then restart ibus:

user $ ibus restart

then head to the ibus-setup GUI, open the Input Method tab, click on the Add button and search for the input method you want to add.

Additional information

We have a separate guide on input methods under the Other category here