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For speakers of the Vietnamese language, we currently provide 2 ibus packages:

  1. ibus-unikey
  2. ibus-bamboo

Additionally the package ibus-m17n provides other methods for Vietnamese


ibus-unikey is older than ibus-bamboo and therefore has been used in the real world for far longer, unfortunately development has stalled and even the developer recommended that the user switches to projects like ibus-bamboo if anything in ibus-unikey breaks[1]

We plan on keeping both input methods available for compatibility and simple user preference reasons, if you encounter any issues or want us to add another Vietnamese input method please submit a bug report to the bug tracker


Install is as simple as:

root # emerge ibus-unikey

for ibus-unikey or

root # emerge ibus-bamboo

for ibus-bamboo

Next, install ibus-m17n:

root # emerge ibus-m17n

After the installation finishes you are now ready to type in Vietnamese, to add the input methods open ibus-setup, navigate to the Input Method tab, click the Add button on the side panel and search for Vietnamese, you should get options similar to this:

To switch to ibus-unikey using the ibus CLI:

user $ ibus engine Unikey

Or for ibus-bamboo:

user $ ibus engine Bamboo



You can configure Unikey by navigating to the ibus-setup GUI, going to the Input Method tab, clicking on Vietnamese - Unikey, then Preferences

Here you can find some options such as, spellcheck, encoding mode, input method type, macros and more:



The ibus-bamboo package is not as extensible, its settings are mostly keybindings:


Further instructions

For instructions on how to configure ibus and add an input method go here, information on how to use the software can be found here

  1. ibus-unikey
  2. ibus-bamboo