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iptables is a program used to configure and manage the kernels netfilter modules.


Kernel Settings

Under Netfilter--> set to all modules--> or all y--> prefer modules.:

-> Networking support
     -> Networking options     
       -> Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter)


root # emerge iptables

First Run

For some services such as sshguard & Fail2ban you need a generic running firewall. We will save a blank firewall rule set and start the firewall.


root # rc-service iptables save
root # rc-service iptables start

to start upon reboot

root # rc-update add iptables default


root # rc-service ip6tables save
root # rc-service ip6tables start

To make the service start upon system reboot, run:

root # rc-update add ip6tables default

Show firewall Rules & Status


root # iptables -L -n


root # ip6tables -L -n