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Hamachi is an easy to use cross platform VPN.


root # emerge net-vpn/logmein-hamachi


To immediately start the logmein-hamachi service:

root # rc-service logmein-hamachi start

To enable the startup service:

root # rc-update add logmein-hamachi default


root # hamachi login
root # hamachi set-nick funtoo
root # hamachi create 12345678

Set a strong password

Be polite, and delete your network when you're done.

root # hamachi delete 12345678

root # hamachi set-ip-mode ipv4

To show the PID, IP, status, client, ID, and nickname:

root # hamachi


root # hamachi login
root # hamachi set-nick funtooo
root # hamachi do-join 12345678

Enter the server's strong password.

To display all available commands:

root # hamachi ?


~/.ssh/authorized_keys is where you insert your friends SSH keys to allow them access to that account. this can be used to grab accounts that do not have passwords. this is used to avoid creating a user account for a funtoo developer, when you can just drop their key into /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

  • To allow paul to use root on your computer:
root # mkdir /root/.ssh
root # echo "ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAINW2jscMf0wx1DZpY6MTA4sJlfoTLMaV4Zk6FACu7NvF mkultra@spaceball-1" >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys