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Node.js is an event driven, non-blocking javascript library that can act as a webserver.


root # emerge net-libs/nodejs


Node.js installs a package manager called npm. there are over 120,000 javascript libraries for node to work with. Search through the external resource links on this page to find something you like to install.

For our example we will fetch a website benchmark tool.

root # npm install -g

We'll set it loose on funtoo, 10 pages will be analyzed.

root # cd / && -m 10 -u

To see the result of benchmarking, point a browser @ (note that your date, and time will probably differ, however the script will tell which directory to look at.) /sitespeed-result/

As of 05:07, April 18, 2015 (UTC) the suggested method to serve node.js is through tengine + passenger. see www-servers/tengine

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