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fix me

resolved on laptop:

  • suggest a good responsive theme,


  • suggest google analytics,
  • suggest "add this" for social sharing stuff,
  • show how to hook into wordpress's rss
  • fix varnish for more concurrent connections, and a mode to dial those back for if its directly accepting http requests, and find decent plugin for it,
  • w3 total cache for minification of resources so on...... add a why use funtoo or some garbage to such a page if it exists...
  • find decent youtube plugin
  • find decent disqus plugin

just a little check list for me to butter this page up with =D Threesixes (talk) 09:41, November 15, 2014 (UTC)

more plugins & stuff to demand.... or review

  • wp-oauth for logging in with facebook g+ etc.....
  • openid
  • sitemaps
  • dublin core meta tag meta keyword meta descriptions
  • paypal donations
  • bitcoin stuff
  • google analytics
  • google adsense
  • google tag manager
  • livefyre
  • Print Friendly and PDF Button
  • membership / paid subscription plugin
  • woo commerce to setup a wordpress store.
  • probably wordfence security
  • figure out jetpack
  • show how to import rss feeds