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This page describes the Funtoo Linux distributed Portage tree, which contains all the ebuilds of the Funtoo Linux distribution.

Community-Extensible and Distributed

Daniel Robbins has recently added the ability for the Portage tree to be extended and improved by the community. This allows Funtoo Linux users to contribute ebuilds of interest very easily, by simply committing their ebuilds to their own git-based portage repository. Your updated ebuilds are then auto-merged into the mainline Funtoo Portage tree every 4 hours. If you are interested in contributing to the Funtoo Linux Portage tree, please post an email to the funtoo-dev mailing list describing your overlay and its contents and we will consider the request.

Mini-Manifest Tree

Funtoo Linux provides two Portage tree repositories, available at the following location:

The first tree is a full Portage tree with full Manifests and ChangeLogs, and includes branches for Funtoo Linux as well as Gentoo Linux. The second tree is a minimized tree that contains only the unified Funtoo Linux Portage tree, all the ebuilds in the first tree, but contains "mini" Manifests (that only contain distfile digests) and has ChangeLogs removed. The first tree is used by Funtoo Linux internallly while the second tree is intended to be used by end-users, since it is much smaller.

How the Tree is Built

New versions of the Funtoo Linux Portage tree are generated every 4 hours using a special merge script that combines the Gentoo Portage tree with the Funtoo Linux funtoo-overlay as well as other 3rd-party overlays.


See How to Dev - Development Trees for more information.

If you are interested in contributing ebuilds to Funtoo Linux, please get involved on the bug tracker. See our main page for ways you can get involved and connect with the Funtoo community.