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  • reverse dependency resolution... not once emerge pkg --tree is said or equery depends pkg on the entire wiki?
  • dkim/spf dns configurations probably under bind, not sure if dnsmasq supports that stuff.....
  • auto logins (for startx, lxdm, and others if they're possible) to make simple kiosk machines easily.
  • entropy stuff no.1 benchmarking rngtest, need a test command to benchmark bits per second generated ensure production grade viability.
  • more entropy stuff cryptographically secure & otherwise. (csrng, timer_entropyd (seems broken), clrngd (crashes does nothing), video-entropyd (slow to generate), haveged (seems like a good answer) hardware sources of entropy onerng, truerng... we need to be able to slam out tons of secure ssh keys/gpg keys/ssl keys quickly with confidence. csprng on google code appears to be a good system... it supports alternate rng sources and even hotbits. i got etam's fortuna daemon running well, and setup csprng to accept entropy from fortuna, however these 2 need ebuilds and a bit of polish.
  • specto / rss, but probably just specto... we need a system to monitor upstream sources to know when to rev-bump ebuilds....
  • MTP cellphone file transfer stuff. The gentoo page on the subject is a mess thunar + thunar-volman + libmtp + gvfs mtp use flag doesn't result in auto mounting for my wonderful new phone. the page doesn't suggest a super lean method, nor have a automagic just works walk through.