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The content of this article is attached to LXD by misunderstanding. Actually, when you setup LXC container all of the same are applicable. And lxc is a separate ebuild -


Nesting is not mentioned «User namespaces can also be nested but the nested namespace can only map ids that exist in its parent, so you can only reduce but not expand the id space by nesting.»

man user_namespaces

subuids and subgids are mentioned in


docker daemon have a special key, which is in manpage

     Enable user namespaces for containers on the daemon. Specifying "default"
     will cause a new user and group to be created to handle UID and GID range
     remapping for the user namespace mappings used for contained processes.
     Specifying a user (or uid) and optionally a group (or gid) will cause the
     daemon to lookup the user and group's subordinate ID ranges for use as the
     user namespace mappings for contained processes.