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conceptual tweaks

I made some changes here because our kernel ebuilds that require 4.4.5 use it automatically and do not require gcc-config steps. But I wanted to preserve the information you added. I also suggested that people use gcc-4.4.5 directly rather than use gcc-config if possible, since this is a local change. -Daniel

Hi Daniel, thank you for your tweaks! I added this article, since I emerged the current rhel6-stable Kernel (2.6.32-042stab059.7) and ran into the described problems. Also, I did this without "binary" USE-Flag, since (although this isn't recommended) we change the Kernel's config by activating /proc/config.gz (if not activated by default) because of our factory's policy. Using genkernel manually is the more comfortable way for us. I ran into the described problems (which you removed from Revision of 11:32, 14 August 2012) only Oleg could give me the hint for GCC 4.4.5 and we realized that this info about how to switch gcc was still missing in the wiki. When emerging the kernels without binary USE-Flag, gcc v4.4.5 is emerged as dependency of that kernel, but sorry: It seems as if gcc is *not* used by genkernel automatically. So, even though the binary USE-Flag is recommended, it doesn't read as a must in the docs (and thanks to genkernel it isn't). I think that we cannot assume the gcc-4.4.5 is always "used automatically". Building a kernel with genkernel seems like a valid alternative to me; but in this case you need these informations. You further wrote that "gcc-config" is a local change and so not a perfect solution: That's why I added the "fancyimportant" - warning :P Do not get me wrong: I *really* appreciate your help! But don't you think these points / alternate way has to be taken in account too? -Marc (Judge/Whitewolf Fox)

That should have never happened, because all openvz kernels using gcc-4.4.5 patch, so you even shouldn't know about gcc-config. Somehow, when testing new 059.7 ebuild, i missed the patch, my fault. Anyway gcc-config is forked in funtoo and it's good to have a wiki page.