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  • copy debian kernel to windows system:

cp /boot/kernel-debian-sources-x86_64-6.4.13_p1-r1 /mnt/c/Users/*your user name*/

  • gwsl in the microsoft store can run graphical applications that are installed.

Xming uses ssh x11 forwarding to render x11 under windows:

Bind USB to WSL

to attach usb devices to wsl you need to add usbipd.

root # emerge usbip

using scoop to fetch 7z git etc in powershell.

i propose that we use package management for windows in our WSL tutorial. it cleans things up, and reduces hunting for packages on the web. it's basically apt/text synaptic for windows powershell in windows mode.

  • install git & 7z in powershell:
PowerShell> # Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser
PowerShell> # Invoke-RestMethod -Uri | Invoke-Expression
PowerShell> # scoop install git

now we should be able to pull stage tarballs from git servers also from powershell. 7z is bundled with git as scoop uses 7z to decompress archives hosted on their git package repos.

  • to show git man page under powershell:
PowerShell> # C:\Users\paul> git
  • working example of the code shift:
PowerShell> # .\scoop\apps\7zip\current\7z.exe x stage3.tar.xz