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Prairieville, Louisiana, United States of America


36 years old, spending 16 years of that life as a construction worker. Back in school now, junior at university studying Computer Science, Psychology, and Digital Media. Main interests lie in Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. Plan to stay in academia and earn a PhD.


I began attempting to install Gentoo on my desktop around 2003. Unfortunately, after several days of compiling, I would always have a mistake somewhere and could never get Gentoo installed. I then moved on to Archlinux and Vector Linux, both of which hated my computer and refused to even install (mostly due to my lack of knowledge of Linux at the time). I ended up installing Ubuntu and began learning Linux. Over the years I would constantly switch between Ubuntu and any other distro that I could get installed. Around 2007 or so, I installed Sabayon and used it as my primary OS for quite a few months. In 2008, I made the switch to Archlinux. I also installed Gentoo and ran a triple boot system with XP, Arch, and Gentoo. Over the last couple of years I have switched from Funtoo to Archlinux and back to Funtoo several times. I like both distros, but I finally settled on Funtoo in the last year and use it as my main OS.


C/C++ Java Python