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generic enthusiastic linux user. (probably) better at writing documentation than code.

linux history

my first experience of open-source was early 2004 when I checked out blender (I had used it before in 2001, before it was open-source). I was using it in windows but irc chatter was quite abuzz with linux, so I checked it out.

I started with Fedora Core 2, and about 2 weeks later started with gentoo. The first install was handled by two irc users over ssh, which was a first for all of us.

around August 2004, I helped out with a little known binary distro called h3knix until 2005 (h3knix and arcane linux were merged in late 2005, died shortly afterwards).

resigned back to windows in 2005.

the next few years are a bit fuzzy.

in 2008, I got an Asus EeePC 901 (Linux ver.). Within a few days I formatted Xandros and installed Arch.

A few months later, it was formatted again for Funtoo.


  • cumin - EeePC 901 - dead (broken screen)
  • rosemary - Acer Aspire 5633 - 1.6GHz core 2 duo
  • nutmeg - Desktop (amd64 athlon x2) - 2.2GHz
  • thyme - Desktop (unknown)
  • heather - dead (blown psu) - amd athlon 1.1GHz
  • poppy - dead (ps3 firmware update)
  • rover - n900

looking at


  • lists!!!
  • emerge(1)
  • n900
  • not being root (but having root access)
  • btrfs
  • per-process namespaces
  • homogenous operating systems


  • X(1)
  • voting schemes where you cannot rank the candidates
  • gnu coding standards and practices
  • debian (and offshoots) and the apt package manager
  • capital letters