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Wiki Page : base temporary ME: Security Engineer / Pentesting/ Security Researcher << bit lame/temporary>>

Welcome , for Doing arm64 Gentoo / Funtoo Binhost For Security research and or Pentoo , for a Funtoo , Pentoo , Gentoo package repo..

for Most users on the Funtoo Side Crossing package repos might be dangerous , however users on Dev-Funtoo Side or bleeding edge may have use for some of Gentoo packages and or less rebuilding if so. and yes Pentoo for Secops research mixed into Gentoo repo ,

I'm not quite as familiar with all of Funtoo's features being from Long term Gentoo side , however willing to Set up chroot for works etc.

Gentoo Metaverse/Universe VIEW , Funtoo , Redcore , Pentoo (Gentoo Pentesting Live iso) Google's Chrome OS,etc,etc. I see funtoo as having a few more LTS stable refinements. but a member of the Greater Meta...

EOL / with her EOL notice this has kinda stilted things ..

Gentoo/Funtoo Binhost , with Pentoo also , <<Wishlist automatic mirroring with Filters in branches.>> Filter files or minor Git-diff , but sync all files but for were not wanted IE systemd branch... needs a funtoo branch for opernrc/etc...