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Paderborn, Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany

About me

Short bio

Real Name
Location Paderborn, Germany
Born August 1981
Job Software developer, embedded + Windows Applications

Hobbys Pen&Paper RPG, electronics, coding, Minecraft
Member of CCC (german hacker association)
C³PB (local hacker association, sub-organisation of CCC, hosting the hackerspace 'subraum')
DiRoGi (local P&P RPG association)

schentuu, silly name!?

It's pronounced: schen·tuu /[ˈʃən tuː]/ [1]

Some years ago, I was amused how some germans with poor english sounded, when they tried to say the name of my favorite Linux distribution. This inspired me to form a nickname from an intentionally exaggerated german pronunciation of the english word 'gentoo'.

First it was just a joke, when I had to register at an very unimportant forum. But later I started likeing it. So it became my common nickname.


Happily married with a nerdfriendly wife, she's using linux mint + windows7

funtoo related

why funtoo?

I decided to use funtoo because of three facts.

  1. because the stable tree seems to be less "experimental" than gentoo itself.
    With gentoo i broke my system during updates and it took me hours, in a few cases even days, to fix that.
  2. because the community idea of funtoo.
    As of today (2014-07-14) i think i'd need some more time to get into funtoo. But in near future i would love to help bringing the project forward.
  3. because git is awesome!

general linux related

Using gentoo/derivates since 2003, but there is still a lot to learn...

favorite editor vim
favorite desktop enviroment MATE
favorite ... ...

My computing systems

At home

Workstation Just a generic Windows7 box (because i like to play games with it), 4 cores, 6GB DDR2, hosting a VirtualBox for linux (sabayon, at the moment)
Notebook ThinkPad T61, T9300, 4GB RAM, 250GB SSD, 160GB HDD replacing the DVD-RW drive, running funtoo
NAS qNAP T409pro, 4x 0.5TB RAID5, OpenWRT which i enhanced by installing portage
Raspberry Pi rev. B, running gentoo (with some tweeks i made like distcc and flash friendly file system).. I'm working on a "smart home" project with this.
Homeserver 19" Xeon dualcore 2GHz, 8GB RAM, running VM-Ware ESXi for hosting an endian firewall (community edition) and serval VMs for playing around.

Servers online

hudson vServer running on gentoo, providing teamspeak3, mail, nagios
goliath vServer running on gentoo, providing apache, mysql, nagios