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Broad Ripple, IN

Stuff I can do for you

If you need cloaks, are having trouble getting a hold of another staffer, are having trouble on the IRC channel, or notice a spam or security problem with Funtoo, or Funtoo's infrastructure, call me.


I was born, I ate, and slept approximately normal amounts. I then went to school, and slept not very much at all. After School, it was more work, and less sleep. Then I incorporated my own company, and slept even less still. I am working on the final efforts to transcend sleep all together. Progress reports on that effort can be found here.

Linux History

I started with a shell account on a smallish box running an eggdrop on EFnet. Later I set up my own Slackware 3.0 installation. From there I've run just about everything, including Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake (pre mandriva), SuSE (for quite a few years), and of course Gentoo. I left Gentoo when the tree became unstable, switching to Ubuntu, but kept in contact with Dan while he was at Microsoft. I now run Funtoo, and Ubuntu both (Funtoo is running in Virtualbox)

OSS History

I was an IRC Operator on Hybnet on and off between 1997 and 2001, helping in the development of Hybrid IRCd (an ancestor of Freenode's IRCd). I am the former owner of the Summit Open Source Development Group 2003-2008, which produced windows ports of ClamAV, and the Abusive Hosts Blocking List. I was the network administrator for the IRC network for about a year, and one of the first to get ICES2/IceCast2 working for internet radio. In that Capacity I was the most listened to radio personality on WOPN, and FreeNode/FreeMatrix radio.

Funtoo History

Helped start the thing, then got out and pushed. Finally walked to the gas station, and brought back a gallon of gas to get it running.

Real Life

I'm politically active, and well known amongst state legislators for having a valid opinion on both Cyber security, and Open Source. I'm also well read on, and frequently consulted on firearms rights, and legal issues. I am normally armed to the teeth, but exceptionally friendly, so feel free to say hello.