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Chimayo, NM, United States of America

I’ve been an active user of Gentoo since Daniel’s IBM DeveloperWorks articles were published back in 2000. Technically, that was in the 20th Century. Wow. In 2006, I switched to Macintosh for my workstations and haven’t gone back to Linux as a primary machine since. However, I was a heavy user of Gentoo Prefix on Mac OS X for a couple of years.

Linux is a great way to learn about systems design, and my experiments focus on early userspace, Trusted Boot, remote attestation, and filesystem security.

I've been a heavy user of the ZFS Filesystem since 2006. I've also dug into FreeBSD’s GEOM architecture… but it’s been a while. And while my current ZFS file server is using Solaris Express 11, ZFS on Linux now supports zpool version 28, and I will be moving to an all-Linux backend. Yay.

My Gravatar Profile has some other ways to contact me.