Adding an Ebuild to the Wiki

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This page describes how to add an official entry for an ebuild to the Funtoo Linux wiki.


Our goal for ebuild wiki pages is ambitious -- the wiki should have complete and excellent documentation for using every ebuild in Portage. If the ebuild exists in your Funtoo Linux Portage tree, and there is no corresponding ebuild page for it, you're encouraged to use these instructions to add a page to the wiki for it.

What We Have So Far

To see what ebuild pages we have so far, see the Ebuilds by CatPkg page to see if the "CatPkg" (category/package atom) is already on this wiki.

The Package Namespace

This wiki has a special MediaWiki namespace called Package. Pages in this namespace have a URL that is prefixed with Package:, such as this wiki page: Package:Accelerated_AMD_Video_Drivers, which is also a good example of a wiki page for an ebuild.