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Welcome to Funtoo Linux

Getting Started

Install Funtoo

Create a Funtoo account, which allows you to get involved with the community. Log in to the wiki, forums, and bug tracker under the same username, and password by unified logins. See the Auth FAQ for more info about account creation.

Get to know fellow users in our IRC community on #funtoo you are encouraged to hang out with us.

Report bugs, and suggest improvements to our bug tracker. We take all bugs seriously, and all work performed is tracked on our public bug tracker, for purposes of transparency.

See funtoo on distrowatch.
See the Funtoo Linux FAQ.

Web Hosting

Funtoo supports multiple web server stack arrangements to get any content on any framework you want published in any way you want with high performance web hosting direct from the distribution.

Why Funtoo?

Funtoo is a Linux-based operating system that is an advanced variant of Gentoo, led by BDFL Daniel Robbins (the creator and former Chief Architect of Gentoo). Funtoo is optimized for the best possible performance on your computing hardware.

Funtoo is a meta-distribution, which means it's built automatically with the functionality, and optimizations that you want, hold the cruft. Packages are installed directly from source code, thanks to the Portage ports system, inspired by the FreeBSD ports system, written in Python, and with full advanced package management functionality. Funtoo uses Git for development, and ports tree delivery.

We offer a number of innovations, including extensive use of git, ego, our profile system, boot-update boot management tool, our flexible template-based networking scripts, Metro distribution build system, shipping with prebuilt debian kernels, with support of many other kernels enhanced Python support, user-centric distribution model, and a large number of community infrastructure improvements.

Quality Assurance

Funtoo uses automated testing to ensure that sources build correctly. Benefits for desktops: leaner, optimized, faster system. Additional benefits for servers: enable only what you actually need to reduce attack surface, thus improving security.

Official Funtoo Projects



Ego-2.2.0 Released

Ego 2.2.0 released - see this link for more info.
2017-10-18 by Drobbins

Latest Innovations

This news item documents the latest innovations now available under Funtoo Linux.
2017-09-07 by Drobbins


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Support Funtoo and help us grow! Donate $15 per month and get a free SSD-based Funtoo Virtual Container.

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